Correct Spelling, Idiomatic Expressions with Meaning and Examples

The Civil Service Exam in the Philippines also includes quizzes about correct spelling, examples of idiomatic expressions and their meanings.

There are also given questions about choosing the correct spelling of words or selecting the misspelled one. In my honest opinion, spelling is the most challenging exam since words seem to spell correct and you are just choosing from a given set of words. Sometimes there is also an option for “none” or all “are correct.”

This part of the exam is very tricky considering the words may look familiar and common but their spellings are confusing. Often you may think you already know the correct spelling, yet you may be wrong. That’s why we provided the most confusing words with correct spellings here.

We’re giving some of the words usually given for this type of test. Review them well and master them by heart.

committee                                    separate                               melancholy
occasion                                        license                                   oxymoron
knowledgeable                             liaison                                     execute
acknowledgment                         receipt                                    zoologist
meringue                                   anonymous                             withdrawal
queue                                             yacht                                       vacuum
spontaneous                             whimsical                                  privilege
malicious                                   accessible                                  nuisance
commission                            continuous                                  nauseous
eccentric                                     ecstasy                                       lingerie
rhythm                                     fluorescent                                 judgment
accommodate                         ambiguous                               hemorrhage
embarrass                                 turquoise                                equilibrium
maintenance                           occurrence                                 dilemma
conscience                              mayonnaise                                  bizarre
etiquette                               Mediterranean                             assimilate
bourgeoisie                              grotesque                                     hygienic

dearth                                      irresistible                                    jeopardy
luscious                                    negligible                                  omniscience
pandemonium                     quintessential                              rendezvous

Idiomatic Expressions with Meaning and Examples

Idioms are words and phrases that have figurative meaning, separate from their literal meaning like proverbs and sayings.


  • Burning the midnight oil – means working or studying late into the night
  • Don’t judge the book by its cover – means don’t judge something by its appearance
  • Blessing in disguise – something unexpectedly turned out good
  • It takes two to Tango – means actions or communications need more than one person.
  • Break a leg – means do your very best

Idiomatic Expressions Questions and Answers Samples:

Note that we already highlighted the correct answers.

Instructions: Choose the meaning of the underlined phrases from the given choices.

1. If you don’t spill the beans now, you might gonna regret it.

  1. spread rumors
  2. let out a secret
  3. plant some seeds
  4. none of the above

2. Hey, man, you are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here because I’m innocent.

  1. choosing the wrong dog
  2. giving up a fight
  3. accusing the wrong person
  4. setting up an event in a tree

3. One proven way to beat an enemy is find his Achilles heel.

  1. secret strategy
  2. amulet
  3. strong point
  4. weak spot

4. His new Ferrari costs an arm and a leg so he is now looking for another job.

  1. very expensive
  2. got fired
  3. met an accident
  4. was stolen

5. He married a woman who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

  1. born very beautiful
  2. born very poor
  3. born from a very rich family
  4. born very talkative

6. She has different investments because she doesn’t want to put all eggs in one basket.

  1. doesn’t want to put all resources in one possibility
  2. doesn’t want to cook everything at once
  3. doesn’t want to go bankrupt
  4. none of the above

7. Whenever his crush passes by the hallway, he’s having butterflies in his stomach.

  1. he feels sick
  2. he feels nervous
  3. he feels like flying
  4. he feels so handsome

8. Even though they had a nasty fight, they decided to bury the hatchet and move on.

  1. kill the enemy
  2. remember the past
  3. bury the dead
  4. forget the past quarrel

9. My father always reminds us, “don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched.”

  1. Don’t eat your eggs before they are cooked.
  2. Don’t make plans for something that might not happen.
  3. Don’t deal with your problems before they are solved.
  4. All of the above.
spelling and idiomatic expressions civil service exam

10. iphones became so popular not only to teens, even my grandparents jumped on the bandwagon and bought some.

  1. ride on the gadget and sell Apple
  2. jump for technology and sell iphones
  3. joined the new trend and bought iphones
  4. bought Android and Apple

We’re adding more questions after this.

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