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Analogy and logic test in the Civil Service Exam is so challenging as well because it requires tough analysis of words and logical meanings between them.

The key to finding the right answers to questions in this type of exam is understanding word meanings and analyzing the relationship between words, ideas, phrases in the given set of words.

If you know the famous game on the iphone, ipad and mobile gadgets called 4 pics, 1 word, this type of exam is sort of like that strategy, only easier because in this type of test, you will be given choices, unlike that game, you have no choice at all but to guess the one word or thought that defines the relationship between the given photos.

analogy and logic questions and answers
courtesy of 4 Pics, One Word

Tips in getting the right answer in Analogy and Logic:

  1. Determine the thought and relationship between the first set of words
  2. Apply the same thought and relationship among the choices for the next set of words

According to some English Test Reviewers, Analogy questions usually have the following relationship and thoughts:

  • Synonym – pretty: beautiful: big: huge
  • Antonym – big: small: fast: slow
  • Group – wolf: pack: tree: forest
  • Cause and effect – rain: flood: quake: sink-hole
  • Sequence – study: graduate: plant: harvest
  • Classification – blue: color: pants: clothing
  • Degree – warm: hot: cold: freezing
  • Effort and result – paint: painting: write: letter
  • Problem and Solution – tired: sleep: itch: scratch
  • Function – keyboard: to type: phone: to call

Analogy and Logic Questions and Answers

Note that we already highlighted the correct answers.

Test your analogy skills by choosing the best word that expresses similar relationship to the given set of words.

1. Iron: metal: : granite: ______

  1. marble
  2. rock
  3. sand
  4. solid

2. Decibel: sound: : volt: ______

  1. watts
  2. fire
  3. electricity
  4. lightning

3. Coward: brave: : philanthropist: _______

  1. selfish
  2. kind
  3. pessimist
  4. optimist

4. Logic: reasoning: : ethics: _______

  1. character
  2. behavior
  3. subject
  4. traits

5. Antenna: signal: : net: ______

  1. web
  2. catch
  3. gross
  4. fish

6. Stanza: poem: : act: ______

  1. movie
  2. opera
  3. song
  4. lyric

7. Astrology: Astronomy: :Alchemy: _________

  1. Chemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Physics
  4. Science

8. Census: population: : inventory: __________

  1. accounting
  2. merchandise
  3. cost
  4. list

9. Oath: promise: : contract: __________

  1. license
  2. contact
  3. agreement
  4. paper

10. Glimmer: Flicker: : murmur: _______

  1. whisper
  2. shout
  3. rumor
  4. speak

11. Bouquet: flowers: : flock:

  1. dogs
  2. sheep
  3. ship
  4. cats

12. Rescind: law: : withdraw: _______

  1. bank
  2. candidacy
  3. deposit
  4. resume

13. Hoax: deceive: : filibuster: ______

  1. delay
  2. refuse
  3. stop
  4. none

14. Syllabus: course: :agenda: _______

  1. subject
  2. platform
  3. meeting
  4. lesson

15. Cat: kitten: :horse: _______

  1. cab
  2. puppy
  3. stallion
  4. pony
analogy and logic test questions civil service exam

16. Evaporate: vapor: : petrify: _______

  1. liquid
  2. stone
  3. magnify
  4. cold

17. Canvas: painter: : marble: ________

  1. sculptor
  2. rock
  3. statue
  4. form

18. Hammer: anvil: : pestle: _________

  1. ground
  2. grinder
  3. mortar
  4. knife

19. Librarian: books: : curator: _______

  1. atlas
  2. encyclopedia
  3. room
  4. paintings

20. Archive: manuscript: arsenal: ________

  1. soldier
  2. weapon
  3. castle
  4. king

21. Bodyguard: protection: : mentor: _______

  1. advice
  2. counsel
  3. teacher
  4. leader

22. Novelist: plot: : Architect: _______

  1. building
  2. design
  3. blueprint
  4. house

23. Molecule: atoms: : tissue: _______

  1. organ
  2. cells
  3. body
  4. neutrons

24. Call: telephone: : type: ________

  1. cellphone
  2. ipad
  3. keyboard
  4. piano

25. Eavesdrop: conversation: : trespass: _________

  1. property
  2. house
  3. land
  4. assets

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