Civil Service Exam Reviewer – English Vocabulary Questions

The vocabulary part of the Civil Service exam is tough and difficult for many but you can pass the test if you know how to choose the best and right answers.

The techniques in getting the right answer is analyzing the given sentences – know their consistency and parallelism.

Often, the given choices seem similar and related to each other but there is really one choice that is different and unique among all of them and this is always the best answer that relates to the question.

We are giving free samples of questions here that will help you review well. These vocabulary words are very unfamiliar so you must practice your skills in determining the right answers.

Watch out for conjunctions especially the following: They usually give clues because they connect phrases, clauses and sentences.

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Are you ready to take the test? I hope you are ardent in passing the exam like this kitty below.

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English Vocabulary Questions with Answers:

Note that we already highlighted the correct answers.

Instruction: Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to the underlined word or phrase.

1. If you are ambivalent with the answers, analyze the given problem.

  1. confusion
  2. innocent
  3. uncertain
  4. unaware

2. He left the country because of the ominous experiences he had in the past.

  1. unforgettable
  2. threatening
  3. ugly
  4. remarkable

3. Teenagers are easily susceptible to peer influence.

  1. flexible
  2. inspired
  3. dependable
  4. inclined

4. My mother is always adamant in eating breakfast before leaving the house.

  1. resolute
  2. uncertain
  3. forgetful
  4. clueless

5. Reading words without understanding their meaning is futile.

  1. helpless
  2. useless
  3. unnecessary
  4. avoidable

6. She wears gold but people know how ostentatious she can be.

  1. pretentious
  2. ambitious
  3. gorgeous
  4. rebellious

7. He submitted a grotesque artwork that nobody in the class could relate to.

  1. different
  2. weird
  3. beautiful
  4. colorful

8. Their clandestine affair remained unknown for three years.

  1. forbidden
  2. surprise
  3. secret
  4. unacceptable
english vocabulary sample questions

9. They say love is like a firework, a fleeting moment.

  1. brief
  2. unforgettable
  3. shinny
  4. remarkable

10. Cara is repulsive and rebellious. She always speaks sordid words.

  1. dirty
  2. vulgar
  3. weird
  4. bizarre

11. Every time I see Cathy looking at me, I feel Euphoria in my bones.

  1. gravity
  2. ecstasy
  3. erotic
  4. numb

12. I bought this book because when I read the blurb at the back, I fell in love with it.

  1. summary
  2. teaser
  3. blog
  4. plot

13. Finding a way out of the labyrinth is the last challenge of the competition.

  1. castle
  2. forest
  3. maze
  4. box

14. There is still love in our hearts amidst our seemingly mundane existence.

  1. complicated
  2. modern
  3. worldly
  4. wealthy

15. Cassy has a strong penchant in collecting cars.

  1. belief
  2. fondness
  3. hobby
  4. route

16. Diskettes and CDs are going obsolete.

  1. recycled
  2. refurbished
  3. updated
  4. outdated

17. The Queen of the Night dances vivaciously.

  1. lively
  2. awkward
  3. kindly
  4. sweetly

18. The court released a dogmatic statement that made people more hopeful.

  1. naive
  2. unbelievable
  3. assertive
  4. unclear

19. This generation is prone to plethoric use of mobile gadgets.

  1. essential
  2. crucial
  3. important
  4. excessive

20. I am usually haphazard in composing my poetry but they turn out so well anyway.

  1. disorganized
  2. blank
  3. puzzled
  4. strategic

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