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This page and PDF / ebook contains all the correct answers and some explanations and solutions for the questions given from our free Civil Service exam online reviewer here at

Note that on some subjects, we already highlighted the answers but for some practice tests and quizzes, we decided to separate the answers so the readers will be more challenged and they will make their effort to try to solve the quizzes and problems themselves.

Civil Service Exam 2022 with Answer Key Free

Correct answers are all posted below this page.  

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Finding the right and best answer if you really don’t know it:

Sometimes, there are questions that we really can’t answer no matter how hard we try. Remember, even Einstein struggled many times in finding answers to his questions…

Anyways, you should not worry because the Civil Service exam – Professional and Sub-professional levels are not difficult like some board exams like CPA and the BAR.

The usual concepts and subjects never change and never update like that of CPA and BAR Exam. Reviewing well will really help you find the best answers. Follow the following tips:

  • Analyze the given question well. Know what is really being asked and don’t go too much or too deep further.
  • Don’t confuse yourself especially when the multiple choices are kinda similar or related to each other. You have to find the ‘best’ option.
  • Apply your chosen answer to the given statement or equation especially in Numerical Reasoning or Math problems. We call it double checking. If it makes sense, then it’s correct.
  • Use elimination method for finding the best answer.
  • Use parallelism and consistency for synonyms and vocabulary.
  • Believe in yourself because you know deep inside you if you can pass the exam or not.

Now that you heard our tips in finding the best and correct answers in case you really can’t answer the questions, check your answers if they are correct by downloading our Answer Key eBook.

This eBook includes all the explanations and solutions including Numerical Reasoning, paragraph Organization and the rest of the important subjects in the CSE coverage.

civil service exam answer key and tips philippines

Civil Service Exam 2022 Free Answer Key:

English Grammar and Correct Usage Test Answers:

  1. (1) After the straight exam, I felt so exhausted and famished to eat my favorite foods.
  2. (4) would
  3. (3) searching
  4. (4) My
  5. (2) feet
  6. (3) know
  7. (3) its
  8. (4) has written
  9. (2) hypotheses
  10. (3) witnessed
  11. (4) Don’t
  12. (2) painted
  13. (4) weakening
  14. (2) hopeful
  15. (4) disagree
  16. (2) information
  17. (2) sheep
  18. (4) forgotten
  19. (4) crashed
  20. (4) hidden

English Vocabulary Answers:

  1. (3) uncertain
  2. (2) threatening
  3. (4) inclined
  4. (1) resolute
  5. (2) useless
  6. (1) pretentious
  7. (2) weird
  8. (3) secret
  9. (1) brief
  10. (2) vulgar
  11. (2) ecstasy
  12. (2) teaser
  13. (3) maze
  14. (3) worldly
  15. (2) fondness
  16. (4) outdated
  17. (1) lively
  18. (3) assertive
  19. (4) excessive
  20. (1) disorganized

Correct Spelling and Idiomatic Expressions Answers:

  1. (2) let out a secret
  2. (3) accusing the wrong person
  3. (4) weak spot
  4. (1) very expensive
  5. (3) born into a very rich family
  6. (1) doesn’t want to put all resources in one possibility
  7. (2) he feels nervous
  8. (4) forget the past quarrel
  9. (2) Don’t make plans for something that might not happen.
  10. (3) joined the new trend and bought iphones

Analogy and Logic Answers:

  1. (2) rock
  2. (3) electricity
  3. (1) selfish
  4. (2) behavior
  5. (4) fish
  6. (2) opera
  7. (1) Chemistry
  8. (2) merchandise
  9. (3) agreement
  10. (1) whisper
  11. (2) sheep
  12. (2) candidacy
  13. (1) delay
  14. (3) meeting
  15. (4) pony
  16. (2) stone
  17. (1) sculptor
  18. (3) mortar
  19. (4) Paintings
  20. (2) weapon
  21. (2) counsel
  22. (3) blueprint
  23. (2) cells
  24. (3) keyboard
  25. (1) property

Reading Comprehension Answers:

  1. Boracay, a Blessed Island
  2. That Flight MH370’s disappearance is still a mystery
  3. The Demand of Flappy Bird Game
  4. Global Climate change and its effects are occurring and are likely to increase over time.
  5. Because it protects and secures not only our online accounts but also our online activities.
  6. The importance of Search Engine Optimization
  7. Unemployment rate in the Philippines is seriously increasing
  8. Forks, Washington
  9. Confusion
  10. Filipinos are now willing to open different investments.

Paragraph Organization Answers:

  1. (3) CDAB
  2. (2) BADC
  3. (2) ADBC
  4. (1) DCBA
  5. (4) BCAD
  6. (4) CBDA
  7. (3) DBCA
  8. (2) BDCA
  9. (1) ACBD
  10. (4) CADB

Numerical Reasoning Correct Answers with Solutions and Explanations:

  1. (2) next number in the sequence is 3. Notice that the numbers in the pattern were divided by 3 to get the next number. Therefore, you divide 2187 by 3 you’ll get 729, then the next and so on.
  2. (3) 81 – you can get this by squaring the numbers (1×1=1), (2×2=4), (3×3=9) and so on…
  3. (4) -144 – subtract the 3rd and 1st to get the 2nd number, do the same to the next 3 sets
  4. (1) IR KP – Use the equivalent ascending and descending letters in the alphabet
  5. (2) P15625 – the pattern is the next 2 letters from the alphabet and the number multiplied by 5 to get the next one…
  6. (2) -9 –positive + negative numbers is to subtract them and follow the sign of the bigger number
  7. (3) 124 – positive – negative numbers is to change the sign of the subtrahend and follow the rules in addition
  8. (1) 198 – multiplying numbers with similar signs = positive
  9. (1) -100 – already explained
  10. (1) -80 – dividing numbers with different signs = negative
  11. (4) ¾ + 5/2 + 1/3 – simplify the fractions given and convert the mixed number into improper fraction
  12. (3) LCD is 16 – the denominators are: 8, 4 and 16
  13. (3) GCF is 18 since 36 and 64 are divisible by 18, 9, 6, 3
  14. (3) the answer is 3 because ½ + 2 + ½ = 3
  15. (2) the answer is 6/27 simplified into 2/9
  16. (4) you will get 6 if you cross multiply the fractions
  17. (1) .0075 because ¾ is 75 percent or 75/100
  18. (4) 3.4/100 because percent is n/100
  19. (2) .25 because it is the same as 25/100
  20. (2) 5:4 because is is ½ divided by 2/5
  21. (2) 2,120,000 because 10 to the 6th power is in million
  22. (1) 2,500,000 because it is 25 x 100,000
  23. (3) x = -3 because 5(-3) + 25 = 10
  24. (4) y = 2 because 4 (8) – 2 (2) = 28
  25. (1) x = 9 because 2 (9) + 4(8) = 50
  26. (4) 5 years old – to get it, make a table and derive the equation:

Let x be Sam’s age:

Write the new relationship in an equation using the ages in 5 yrs.


In 5 years, Kit will be three times as old as Cara.

2x + 5 = 3 (x–5 + 5)
2x + 5 = 3x
x = 5

Sam is now 5 years old.

27. (3) 8 years old – again solve it by making a table and derive the equation:

Let x be James’s age now. Add 2 to get the ages in 2 yrs.


Write the new relationship in an equation using the ages in 2 yrs.

In two years, the sum of their ages will be 58.


James is now 8 years old.

29. (2) 360 miles Solution: D= 50 (2) + 4 (65) = 360 miles

30. (1) Original price is P3,062.50

To get it, simply divide P2450 by 80%

“Math is never difficult to those who master the basic concepts and logic in Math.”

-Fehl Dungo

Clerical Operations / Clerical Reasoning Answers:

  1. (4) Human Resource Department
  2. (3) Outlook
  3. (2) Fax machine
  4. (2) Treasurer
  5. (1) Cashier
  6. (1) 4,2,1,3
  7. (4) Credit Card Number of the customer
  8. (4) Alphabetic
  9. (2) His Excellency President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
  10. (2) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  11. (3) A copy saved in a computer and sent through email
  12. (3) Curriculum Vitae
  13. (3) Accounts Payable and Receivable
  14. (4) Internal and External Auditing
  15. (2) Chief Executive Officer
  16. (1) Marketing and promotion for customers
  17. (4) BCDA
  18. (1) DABC
  19. (3) 12% of gross sales
  20. (3) Billing section
  21. (4) Sales invoice
  22. (1) Form 137
  23. (3) Answer the phone politely and give your department or company name.
  24. (4) Business letter in a paper
  25. (2) Copy furnished

Philippine Constitution, General Information, Current Events Answers:

  1. (3) Legislative, Executive, Judicial
  2. (3) 14
  3. (2) President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.
  4. (1) President of the Philippines
  5. (1) Congress of the Philippines
  6. (4) 24
  7. (4) 6 years
  8. (4) 6 years
  9. (1) 3 years
  10. (1) Lands and buildings
  11. (1) Two-thirds
  12. (2) Bill of Rights
  13. (3) No ex post facto law or bill of attainder shall not be enacted.
  14. (4) All of the above are true.
  15. (1) Suffrage
  16. (4) Power to Impeach
  17. (1) Police Power
  18. (2) power of Eminent Domain
  19. (3) power of Taxation
  20. (1) Commission on Civil Rights
  21. (3) Accountability
  22. (2) House of Representatives
  23. (4) Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees
  24. (3) Accept gifts from the public upon prioritizing their queries.
  25. (4) Petition
  26. (2) Plebiscite
  27. (1) Referendum
  28. (2) Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law
  29. (2) World Health Organization
  30. (2) Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  31. (1) Hong Kong
  32. (3) Cybercrime Prevention Act
  33. (3) Biodegradable
  34. (4) Papers
  35. (4) Project NOAH
  36. (2) Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
  37. (1) Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
  38. (4) All of the above.
  39. (2) Greenhouse Effect
  40. (4) Universal Serial Bus

“If you want to be a Professional, act like a professional”

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  87. For Those people who are taking the CSC Exam Professional Level or Sub-Professional Level in September 2015. is all you need just review through your heart’s content and take it seriously as if your life is on the line. I’m a CSC passer – Professional level last May 3, 2015, and I will tell you my experiences while I am taking the exam. Get enough sleep and eat before you take the exam. The only problem is the time pressure. The Exam has 170 items and you need to answer it for 3 hours or 180 minutes. Meaning, you have to answer the problem within a minute. The Passing rate is 80% so meaning you need 136 and above correct answers to pass. Mathematical test is really a time consuming, so if you are not blessed with math, I suggest you focus on numbers and keep calm. Pray!

  88. Halu mam!

    Greetings from Carrascal, Surigao del Sur!

    I took the CSC professional and even subprofessional exams for several times already and i always failed.I admit i didn’t take a serious review before taking the exam. Thank you for the free reviewer. this time i will make sure to take it seriously because i will take the CSC professional again this coming october 2015. i want also to buy the pdf file. please email me the details for the payment.thank you very much! God Bless you more and more!

    • My mother will also be taking the exam this coming october.. I hope this will be able to help her pass the examinaton..

  89. Hello Marifel… How can i send my payment of this online reviewer? Wala kasi akong Credit Card eh? I am interested to get this online reviewer kasi eh kaso paano ako magbabayad? Can you please instruct me how? Thanks…

  90. Hi! I am a first time examinee of CSC Professional level last May 3, 2015 and I passed the exam. Thank God, and I want to thank Ms, Marifel Dungo for providing us an online Reviewer and it’s a really a great help.

      • helo sir/madam, puyde po makabili yong reviewer sa civil service, kasi po kailangan nga ako maka pasa dahil almost 18 years na po ako sa government di ako makatanggap nang mga promotion items dahil di nga ako passers, please kindly share the review. paki tex po . magkaano o saan makabili. kailangan ko this is my mobile number 09099242537

  91. Hi Ms. Fhel, thank you for this site ito lang ang reviewer na ginamit ko. I review by heart and it works and I passed the exam in one take for May 3 2015 exam! Very recommeded site! Salamat po ulit! ^_^

  92. Good afternoon mam, i planned to take prof.exam this october and please help me to pass the exam. Kasi maraming beses na ako nag take hindi talaga ako pumasa mag reretire nalang ako, sana po tulungan nyo po ako sana po mka pasa na an ako para ma promote ako bago man lang ako mag retire mam, matagal narin ako nag work sa goberno di ako ma promote2 dhil dinga eligible please help me maam, ma dagdangan man lang sahod ko pra sa maintenance ng mga gmot ko, sa ngayon ksi admin. Aide lang talaga ako pika mababang sahod khit malapit na ako mag 20yrs. In service mam, sana po matulungan mo ako maraming salamat talaga mam,God bless u…

  93. hi mam saan pwede magfilling ng filling name sa rizal po meron po b sa antipolo rizal
    pls comment po kau mam

  94. Hi, is this free? If yes may i request for a copy of the reviewer and send it to my email? If not, how can i avail it and pay tru online?

  95. Good day Ma’am I would like to have a Copy of your reviewer. Laking tulong po nito sakin. can you email any type of payment method to pay you. malaking malaking tulog po ito sa mga kukuha ng Civil Service exam. thank You po.

  96. goodEve.maam baka po pd makhingi po ng reviewer .it will be a big help for me be taking my cs exam po this oct.thank u .
    God bless u.

  97. mam pa send naman po pdf reviewer hindi po kc ako matalino kaya gusto ko makapagstudy ng maaga bakasakali pong makapasa ako sa cs. tnx a lot

    ito po email ko

  98. Hi! I’m planning to take CS this October 2015. Can I ask an updated copy of CS reviewer? and kindly send it on my e-mail ad? Thank you and God Bless.

  99. hi Ma’am God Day, pwdi po ba ako mang hengi nang updated reviewer po para maka pasa po ako sa civil service exam reviewer maraming salamt po sa inyo ma. GOD BLESS po..

  100. maam yung nuber 14 sa VERBAL ABILITY question, ano po sagot nyan kasi 1 and 2 may s at wala taz sa answer key nyo 2. information ang sagot? tnx

  101. hello, just want to ask if how i can buy a copy of your reviewer? your link requires a card number i am not a credit card holder, is there any other way to avail your reviewer mam? pls. reply asap

  102. Gudevning maam i want to take a cs dz coming october.can i have your reveiwer hope you will send it on my email.thankyou poh and Godblessed

  103. hi mam i want to get a copy of your reviewer plz txt me instead of paying paypal account do you have any alternative way?? like smrt padala thank you

  104. gud eve maam..can I get a copy of your CS exam reviewer?
    I’ll be taking mine on May 3, 2015 hope I’ll pass..
    thanks and god bless..

  105. Good Evening Ma’am Dungo. Last email ko po sa inyo ay March 23 at nagcomment din po ako. Nagtanong po ako sa inyo kung meron po ibang mode of payment kasi wala po ako debit o credit card. Hanggang ngayon po ma’am nag-antay po parin ako sa response niyo. Gusto ko po sana magkaroon ng CS reviewer niyo po.
    Maraming salamat po talaga ma’am. Sana magkaroon na po ako ng reviewer as soon as possible. Sana magreply na po kayo ma’am. God Bless po and more power.

  106. hi po good eve po.. pwede po bang pa send po ung reviewer po ng CS exam po. hindi ko po kasi ma download po kasi may bayad po .. tnx.

  107. Hello po ma’am panu po makabili ng copy nyan? wala po kasi akong card. Pwedi poh ba via Payment center nalang? Thankyou

  108. thank you for his online reviewer page maam.. it helps me a lot.. i hope i can pass the exam in just 1 take this coming may 03, 2015.. may the GOD bless you more maam!thank you so much.. appreciated.

  109. Good Afternoon po Ma’am Dungo. Tanong ko lang po sana kung ako po makuka ng inyong civil service examination. Meron po ba kayong ibang paraan sa pagbayad po? Wala po kasi ako credit card o debit card.
    Gusto ko po sana kumuha at kung sakaling makakuha po, meron pa po ako lagpas isang buwan para mag-aral po. Sa May 3 2015 pa naman po yung exam at first ko po. Sana makapasa po. At sa lahat ng magtatake po. God bless us po. At nag-email na po ako sa inyo through CONTACT US at antay na lang po ako ng reply.

    Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

  110. Hi! Good Morning in the spirit of Christianism!

    Can you send me a cs reviewer for 2015 @ my email add? I want to take an exam this year but I don’t have a reviewer. I open your online reviewer but it makes me crazy co’z I am not
    too good in computer. Well, you send me thru my email so that I can begin practice/review? Hope to hear your reply as soon as possible & tatanawin kung malaking utang na loob ito.. Thanks & more power & may god bless you always.

  111. hi … maam pwede akong manghingi nang reviewer sa civil service exam at answer key kasi may 3, 2015 na ko mag take … i want to pass the the exam… please help

    thank you …

  112. i’m a second taker of civil service from year 2000 however it so hard . i can’t pass .

    please help ..


  113. mam is this the real questions in the examinations or just a reviewer? may i have a copy of the whole reviewer of this answer key? thanks and i hope that you could help me pass the upcoming CSE examination.

  114. hi ma’am marifel.. pwede po ba makahingi po nung reviewer nyo? for this may 3, 2015 CSC exam pls.? maraming salamat po…eto po email ko..

  115. lubos po akong nagpapasalamat sa PANGINOONG DIYOS sapagkat naging kasangkapan po kayo maam upang matulungan PO kami na maipasa itong EksAMINAsyon..kaya buong puso po akong nag papasalamat MAAM sa mga ibinahagi mong kaalaman…Nawa”y tulungan ako ng PANGINOONG DIYOS na maipasa ko ito ngayong darating na MAY 3, 2015…KAYA salamat po unang una sa DIYOS sapagkat nahanap ko ito…. pangalawa sa inyo po maam ang BAIT NYO po at taglay mo pa ang kagandahang kalooban maging sa panlabas na katangi-an ..po MAAM..GOD BLESS PO hope po maam na samahan mo po ako sa aking PANALANGIN. maam is my 1ST time po to take as SUB PROF… THANK YOU again po I gained several knowledge..

    sana po sa araw na iyan IBUHOS PO nya ang mga BIYAYA.. na iyan…

  116. #17 numerical, decimal form of 3/4% should be point 75 (.75)
    3/4 of 100 is 75 then just move the decimal 2x to the left

  117. hi mam! good day po ! can i ask a question?? how many units po ang kailangan para makapag take ng CS exam. im a college student and im taking 2yrs course (OCTOBERIAN). ask ko lang po kung pwd na po ba akong magtake ng CS exam?. if pwd po mag file na po ako ng requirements for may 3 examination.

    thank you po ! god bless!

  118. Thank you to the creator of this site and making the free reviewer. I am using this as my second review material for my coming CSE Exam through COMEX.

    I just want to re-check the answer sheet in Math/Numerical Reasoning. In item 17, the correct answer should be 3. 0.75: 3/4 is 75% = 75/100 is 0.75. Answer in item 28 is also missing.

  119. Hi! Fehl,

    I admire your works and how you helping us improving our lives on your blogs. I always following your blogs on PhilPad and just added you in my Google Circles.

    This Civil Service Exam article get my attention. I want to take the test but right now I’m working abroad and probably be back to the Philippines either late April or on 1st week of May. So the only chance for me to take the exam is on 18 October 2015.

    It mentioned that the test can be taken either PPT or CAT. While going through the application form, it does not clearly say the purpose of CAT. I thought that the exam can be taken online. Or is it only for those who have physical defects?

    Another point I want to ask is about your reviewer – does it cover all the items of the exam? How many items given per category? Based on your experience, was it time pressured? How many hours did you managed to complete the exam? In any case, your free reviewer is a such BIG HELP no matter how many items are there in the test. For sure, many will get more than 80% because of your reviewer 🙂

    Thank you very much for your support and looking forward to hear from you.

    Mabuhay ka, Fehl! more power to you and to your blogs!

    • Hi, CAT is also known as COMEX (Computerized Exam) where you can apply online but you have to go to the testing centers on the scheduled exam.

      Yes, our PDF reviewer reviewer contains complete coverage for the CS Exam. Mabuhay and more power!

  120. Good aftrenoon ms, need ko po kasi ang reviewer san po ako pwedi mka kuha??? this coming May , i will take the exam nag ccomply pa po ako ng mga req. need your reply po .. Thanks po ..

  121. Hi ma’am ask ko lang po if pwde po bang mag take ng SCE ang pregnant? I’m pregnant po kc now, pero balak ko po mag take dis coming may, expected date ko po is may31. Hope mkasagot po kayo sa tanong ko. Tnx!

  122. hi maam good day to you,i will take my exam this coming may 3 here in gensan.. naghhnap po aku ng reviewer,,pls do help me maam,2nd take ko na po kz ito.

  123. Good Day maam, I want to buy the reviewer and i Have many Answer that i already sent to you.. Please Contact me in my Email… Thank you

  124. Gud day mam! Pno po ako mka buy ng book nyo kung walang credit and debit po.gusto kna pong makapasa sana pa bday n po sa akin sa may 3. Pls….

      • hi mam.good day po. ask q lang po kung pano po mag file sa comex? at san po magexam? mam if ok lang po pls add me on Facebook para po mabasa q agad message nyo. hirs my eadd. thanks po.godbless

      • Hi! Alam niyo po ba how to reserve slots in COMEX? nag register po ako s system nila last day. Pero ayaw po mag tuloy nung sa reserve slots po and saan po kau ung location ng exam if I am from Laguna. thanks!! GOD BLESS

  125. Ma’am, i wanna buy your complete reviewer for 2015, please send at my email address. Please Ma’am do help me to pass this coming May 3, 2015, coz last october 26, 2014 i was not able to pass..

    Inaasahan ko po ang iyong positive response niyo as well as your email ma’am. Maraming Salamat. May God bless us! . 🙂

  126. Hi Ma’am,

    I will be taking a civil service prof exam this coming April 2015..pls send me a reviewer that can help me to pass in one take exam ma’am please po maam.

    Hoping for your kind understanding and helpful tips/reviewer na ma send sa emailad ko po.

    Thanks a lot.

  127. Can i have the full reviewer and the answer key at my email. I will be taking a civil service prof exam this coming April 2015. please can you send it to my email’am.

  128. Hi madam. I’m planning to take the said exam on May. I really want to pass it in just 1 take only. I hope u can help me. I badly need your reviewer, hope you’ll grant my request. I would appreciate it if you give feedback, Thanks.

  129. Hi Ma’am,

    I will be taking a civil service prof exam this coming April 2015..pls send me a reviewer that can help me to pass in one take exam ma’am.

    Hoping for your kind understanding and helpful tips/reviewer na ma send sa emailad ko po.

    Thanks a lot.

  130. Can i have the full reviewer and the answer key at my email.. Im planning to take an exam on april, please can you send it to my email thanks.

  131. I definitely needed the General Information/Current Events part. Haha. This is a good reviewer. One suggestion is to put your reviewer in a PDF format (or Powerpoint, or Word, or whatever suits your liking) for easy download because your website’s UI is not user-friendly, it’s very monochromatic which makes it boring to look at. You know what I mean? Haha. Anyways, that’s just my opinion. Thank you for this and good day! 🙂

    P.S. Fix your navigation bar. One reason why people keep on asking where the Answer Key can be found is because it is located on a different bar. Try organizing your website for easy navigation. Ciao! 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 We’re using the latest HTML5 and our website is mobile responsive just like the top sites are using, NY Times, Forbes, just saying. There is no problem with our Nav Bar. If you’re using mobile, all you have to do is tap the Nav Menu. People just can’t see the Answer Key because they’re not yet familiar with the LATEST mobile layout.

  132. San po yung questions? Kelangan pa po bang bilhin pra ma download? Need ko po tong reviewer na to. Salamat po nang advance sa sagot.

  133. Hi Ms. Marifel

    Good Day! can you please send me the reviewer of CSE I really need to pass that exam po talaga ehh ilang beses ko na nabasa to kaya nagkaroon na ko ng mga hints but I really need to review harder kaya po sana matulungan mo ko… salamat po ng marami 🙂

  134. Mam fhel, please send me na lang po ng PDF di ko po kasi talaga ma-download. Di ko po alam kung anong naging problem kung bakit di ko po ma-download..

  135. Hello Ms. Marifel. Thank you so much for this website…One
    of the reason why i at last i passed the csc exam prof las oct. 26, 2014

  136. Hi Mam Marifel….

    Thank you po sa reviewer na ito…
    Nagtake po ako ng exam last October 26, 2014, first time ko pong magtake and luckily nakapasa ako.. napakalaking tulong po ng reviewer na ito.. gnamit ko po ang reviewer na ito kasama ng mga kaibigan at katrabaho ko., sama sama po kming nagsagot as if tunay kaming nageexam(with time limit) then tsaka nmin chineck kung tama mga sagot nmin… napakalaking tulong po ng mga tips at sample questions nio..
    Tiwala kay God at sa sarili ay napakalaking bagay din upang makapasa.,

    Super happy :))))) Thnk you po sa website na ito.. at sanay marami pa kayong matulungan..


  137. maam san po ung mga questions sa Correct Spelling and Idiomatic , reading comprehension, Analogy and Logic, English Grammar and Correct Usage, Vocabulary, and Correct Spelling and Idiomatic Expressions.. salamat more power..

  138. Good day po mam marifel!
    Pwede po ba akong makahingi ng copy ng reviewer at answer key…pkisend na lng po sa email add ko…. Maraming salamat po…… Merrry Christmas & GOD BLESS u always……..

  139. hi ma’am/sir:

    Good Day

    I really appreciate and very happy for this website. pwede nyo po bang masend sa aking e-mail ang reviewer in all topics/subject that can take in CSE, answer sheet and solution methods.. plano ko pong mag take nang CSE by next year… Thank You In Advance and Merry Christmas!! 🙂

    email me at tnx ulit…

  140. Hi po Maam,

    Tanong lang po, pwede bang mag take nang CS exam na Prof. level kahit graduate lang nang two years course?


  141. Hi, is there a chance u can help for 2015 csc exam? Reviewer, answer sheet, solution method. Pls email if possible, i would really;appreciate it.

    Thanks a lot.

  142. Please tell me po if accurate po yung mga answer key nanakalagay dito kahit this oct 26 2014 po akonmag eexam? Thanks and God bless everyone!

  143. Hello ! Good day .. salamat poh sa onetaker .. malaking bagy poh ito para magamit ko sa pagrereview ng civil service exam ko sa 26 ng uktubre taong kasalukuyan

  144. Hi Ms.Marifel,
    Tanong ko lang po kung magkaparehas lang po ba yung online reviewer na ito at yung pdf version o mas marami po mga lectures at questions dun sa pdf version?Salamat po.

  145. On #27 of Numerical Reasoning… Maybe it’s with whom in the question you’ll assign the x. What’s important is that we did arrive at the same answer which is x=4 and Sam as 2x=2(4)=8. I hope, my analysis is right. X))) Can somebody check it? Thanks!

    Age now In 2 years
    James’s dad 5(2x) 5(2x)+2
    James 2x 2x+2
    Sara x x+2

    Then solve for x
    13x/13= 52/13
    x=4; James= 2(4)=8

    Thank you Ms. Author! I’ll be taking the exam this Sunday. Thanks for this reviewer 🙂 May God bless us always.

  146. Hi Ms. Marifel,

    Hi maam how can avail your csc reviewer? And how will i pay you if i dont have credit card?
    Hope you can help me on this.

    Thank you..

  147. thanks a lot! 😀 Excited to take the exam this oct.26,2014. Less pressure because your reviewer is very helpful and mostly like other reviewer i’ved search. kudos to you! keep it up!, hope i can do it! <3

  148. bakit may bayad yong pdf na reviewer ?ask lang po 🙂
    taga province kasi kame .hirap mag hanap ng books para mag self review .Mag take po kasi ako this oct.26 2014 hopefully .pki answer po sa email ko .thank u po 🙂

  149. maam please review question number 13. What is the Greatest Common Factor of 36 and 54? in numerical reasoning , is it correct 54 or 64?

  150. this is such a good help. . i’m eager to pass this examination, i hope i’ll pass with your help. . THANK YOU SO MUCH for these infos. it’s awesome!!! 🙂 🙂

  151. hello ms. Marifel , when i read all the comments here in your blog, nagkainters din po ako…..its so difficult for me to pass the exam… pls i need help….i need to know the techniques…how can i avail your reviewer? online review po ba ito? pls reply, thanks

    pls. reply on my email, thanks

  152. Ilang items po lahat ng inexam nyo? I’m taking the CS Exam po this October. Bumili po ako nung yellow na reviewer kaso parang ang hirap intindihin nung mga questions dun tsaka madaming typo. So dito nalang po ako nagrereview.

    • Around 150 and above. It’s just a half-day exam. Our reviewer here in 1taker is designed for you to pass the exam in one take. No information overload, you’ll pass the exam in one take happily without stress. 🙂 It’s just up to you to understand and focus in reviewing each post/subject. We share the best strategies and techniques here.

  153. Good day po ma’am, ask ko po kung paano maka avail ng civil service exam reviewer with answer keys.
    naka schedule po ako ng exam sa october 2014.
    thanks po ang God bless.

  154. hi mam . gud.eve po pwd po mka.hingi ng conversion sa ebook nitong reviewer .. mag.take po ksi ako ng cs this october pero wla po akong tablet or laptop para ma read ang pdf or word .. kahit sa email ko nalang po mam ..

  155. Help me po para maka pass sa exam…im willing to cooperate para maka pass sa exam…i need to pass the exam to start for my career

  156. Hi Ms. Marifel, thanks for sharing your knowledge thru this website. I hope i can pass the exam. I’ll be taking CSC Comex by the end of the month and by october i’ll be giving birth to my baby, so i’m praying hard to pass the exam to give my baby a good future. I let you know the result after. Again thank you and God bless. 🙂

  157. Hello. Ask ko lang po dun sa may numerical reasoning diba po ang sagot dapat sa number 17) ay 0.75? hindi .0075 kasi decimal po ng 3/4% yung hinihingi.

    3/4 divide =.75×100= 75% tapos bale 75/100. 75 divided by 100 = .75.

    17. What is the decimal form of ¾ %?


  158. hello po i really dont have credit card nor paypal. is there any other means of getting your reviewer?the exam is less than 2 months from now so i need to hurry up..

  159. good day ma’am marifel!!
    pakisend nman po ng copy ng reviewer and key answers s email ko,tnx po!!! wait ko po ma’am… God Bless po!!!

  160. helu poh! pwede po ba humingi ng link para sa complete reviewer? plan q poh magtake ng civil service dito iligan city mindanao pero next year pa po….maraming salamat po

  161. Hi Ma’am: plan ko po mag take ng civil service exam, but not this coming October, Baka po next year para I hAve ample of time makapag review, I heard exam wasn’t easy so gusto ko po talaga pag handaan. Plan ko po sana buy ng reviewer ninyo online, my question is Hindi po ba Kayo nag rerevised yearly? What if Kung next year po ako mag take, updated parin po ang reviewer ninyo. Please advice pro.thanks

    • It will help you so much if you use this reviewer even if you’re taking the exam next year. We make updates by 2015 although majority of the topics in the reviewer will be retained. Additional questions will be added especially on current events

      • Maam Marifel Dungo, i take the exam last April 6 but i did not past the exam. i need your help on how to settle this problem in order for that i want to pass the CSE… what tips po para makapasa ng exam.. my roon po ba kayong updated reviewer this year 2014? pls send me maam thks..

  162. Hello Ms. Marifel, please po penge nang free version nang whole reviewer. I don’t have money para pangbayad sa PDF version. Sayang na miss ko una yung free before, nag loko kasi cp ko sa pag download,. Please po, a favor?

  163. good day ma’am marifel!!
    pakisend nman po ng copy ng reviewer and key answers s email ko ma’am… then print ko n lng po para mkapagfocus ng mbuti s review… tnx po!!! wait ko po ma’am… God Bless po!!!

  164. Hello, asan po ung mga questions pra dun sa mga sagot? Answers lng po nkikita ko. Puede po pasend sa email add ko? Thank you.

  165. mam ask ko lang po sa clerical operations po yung number 25. What does a CC means in an email message? bakit ang sagot po is 2. COPY FURNISHED? or nagkamali lang? thanks!

  166. hi sir! please send me a copy of your reviewer, i did not make it last time. I’ll be waiting for your generous reply… Thank you.

  167. hello!lahat po bang naka post na answer key na nasa taas ay yan mismo ang lalabas sa exam this coming oct. 2014? please give me feedback po..
    salamat in advance

  168. helo po..i would like to ask on how to get csc since firstimer po aq at hindi q po alam ang mga dapat gawin??pls po..thanks a lot..makakahabol pa po ba aq diz oct?

  169. OHHH gosh, I’m not ready yet….I need to review more and more especially sa Math…Thanks so much Ms. Marifel….This is really a big help for us first timer…Wish me luck…!

  170. guys,, help please.. gusto ko pa humabol sa exam for sub pro.. pwede pa ba ako makapag exam? anu una kong gagawin..??

  171. maraming bese na kasi ako ngtry pero sa numerical lng ako pumasa sana matulungan mo ako,,..please send me your complete reviewer…thank you!!

  172. miss marifel pude pahingi ng reviewer mo gusto kasi pumasa sa exam hindi ko makita dito yung questions ang nakikita ko lng ang answers…paki email naman ng complete reviewer..please! ^^! thank you! 🙂

  173. Ma’am regarding po sa no. 18 sa math convert 3.4% as a fraction
    Bakit po sagot 3.4/100???
    Para kasing di rin converted if you put decimal at numerator.
    So pwede bang 34/1000??

    • It’s an example of question wherein the exact answer is not given among the choices. There are also given items like that from other reviewers. I added that as one of the items given in Math. Like I said, sometimes you only need to find the best and closest answer when the exact answer is not given among the choices.

  174. i hope makapasa ako sa exam dis october..malaking tulong po itong reviewer nyo.. nagkaroon po akong mga idea about a exam..

    thank you 😉

  175. i want to learn more, cause i;m taking exam this coming october 2014. pls help me nman po and thank you very much

  176. thank you maam for having this online reviewer and i hope and pray to pass the cs professional exam this coming October, i took 4x but i was not able to make it.

  177. maam where are the answers of the Civil Service Exam – Philippine Constitution, General Information, Current Events?

  178. This is groundbreaking and insightful, not to mention hugely informative. Awesome website and so amazing, Fehl. Well done on 1taker being a great source of educational insight.


  179. Hi, good day sir! Can you please send me a complete set of reviewers for the upcoming CS exam on Oct. 26, 2014 thru my email.

    thanks and God Bless!!

  180. Hi ms. Marifel, thanks for providing us this online reviewer.,i did the quiz very well in reading comprehension & math.:-)
    So I think I’m now ready for the real CS exam

  181. I have problems with the Reading comprehension..I got 5 out of 10…I thought I got the right answers..I have to work this part…hmmmp

  182. Hello again! Another way to solve number 2 in numerical reasoning is by adding odd numbers 3,5,7, til 17 to the given sequence of numbers respectively. That is 1 plus 3 = 4; 4 plus 5= 9; 9 plus 7= 16; 16 plus 9= 25; 25 plus 11= 36; 36 plus 13 = 49; 49 plus 15 = 64; and finally 64 plus 17= 81, the answer.

  183. hi! W/ regard to problem solving number 26. The current age of Kit is 10 and Cara is just months old (0 year)? And in 5 years, Cara will turn 5 and Kit is 15 (three times older than Cara in 5 years). Sam is indeed 5 years old now (Kit is twice as old as his friend Sam- 5*2=10). Thank u.

  184. Hi! Please review number 17 in numerical reasoning. I believe 3/4 in decimal form is 0.75, right? So the answer should be number 3 (0.75). Same as 75/100=0.75. Thank u.

    • Hey you forgot the percent thing 🙂 Yes 3/4 is .75 in decimal form but the question is convert 3/4 % in decimal 🙂 So you have to add 2 zeros, it will make it .0075 as the correct answer 🙂 Tricky I know.

  185. Hi,
    Would like to correct the #14 question and answer in Numerical Reasoning, it’s not ½ + 2 + ½ = 3.
    See below, the right equation from the practice test.

    14. What is the sum of ½ + 8/4 + 6/12 ? – 1. 15/12

    1. 15/12
    2. 3/12
    3. 3
    4. 3 1/12